Saskatchewan Trappers Convention

Competition and other Winners

Provincial Raffle

1st  $500 –Dustin Minchuk

2nd  $300 –  Sylvia Pugh

3rd   $100 – Albert Cardinal

Wolf Competition

1st – Jim Lee $300. /Wolf Trap/ Willard Antonichuk Award

2nd – Don Gordon $200

3rd – Lawrence Sochaski $100

Thank you to our sponsors for the Wolf Competition: Saskatchewan Commission of Professional Outfitters, KD Ventures, Fur Block P-30, Fur Harvesters Auction Inc. & North American Fur Auctions Inc.

Junior Fur Competition

Species 1st 2nd 3rd
Beaver Quinn Tallmadge Cody Tallmadge
Coyote Cayden Cardinal Cody Tallmadge Keira Cardinal
Fox Quinn Tallmadge

Overall Grand Aggregate Garth Janzen Award Winner was Quinn Tallmadge

Adult Fur Competition

Species 1st 2nd
Beaver Wayne Tallmadge Don Gordon
Cat (Lynx/Bobcat) Don Gordon Mitch Forseille
Coyote Don Gordon Lawrence Sochaski
Fisher Don Gordon Kevin Friesen
Fox Lawrence Sochaski Mitch Forseille
Marten Graham Rewaga Don Gordon
Mink Don Gordon Lawrence Sochaski
Otter Don Gordon Graham Rewega
Raccoon Lawrence Sochaski Don Gordon

Overall Grand Aggregate Marcel Thibodeau Award Winner was Don Gordon


The Fur Competitions were sponsored by both Auction houses:

North American Fur Auctions Inc. and Fur Harvesters Auction Inc.

Irwin McIntosh Award Winner was Dave Bewick


Beaver Tail Winner : Jim Luthi  was the winner of Beaver Tale Leather Wallet

Donated by: Wayne Rewega & Scott Blades

Beaver Weight Guess 50/50

Winner for: Small Beaver was Scott Blades
Large Beaver was Taylor Callbeck

Coyote Skinning Competition  

1st Dale Paslawski  2:32

            2nd Marty Senneker

            3rd AJ Callbeck

Photo Competition Winners – No entries for Juniors

Adult Class

Class 1st 2nd
People on the Land Skye Morrison Don Read
Landscapes AJ Callbeck Scott Blades
Wildlife AJ Callbeck Don Gordon
Best Catch AJ Callbeck Colleen Munro
Trail Cam Laurie Sochaski Colleen Munro
Odds  ‘n Ends Laurie Sochaski AJ Callbeck

BB Gun Shoot Winner – Cason