Attention Saskatchewan Trappers, Hunters and Outdoors Enthusiats

Saskatchewan wildlife is very varied and diverse. The Royal Saskatchewan Museum is taking donations of all species of wildlife from all corners of the province to add to their data bank of samples.

All wildlife is required, birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. All wildlife must be legally and ethically harvested and no protected species may be harvested. However protected species found dead (roadkill, etc) are also required.

All animal species should be frozen as soon as possible. In the case of trappers, animals may be skinned and the carcasses donated.

This is a very important request. The Royal Saskatchewan Museum is the largest source of wildlife samples. Most scientific wildlife studies require samples. The Museum receives many requests annually for samples and needs your help to grow and maintain their data base.

To donate any Saskatchewan wildlife please email Ray Poulin at or can be dropped off at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum 2340 Albert St. Regina. Please record the location the wildlife was harvested/found. Samples are accepted year round.