March 17 and 18, 2017


     2017 STA Resolutions

Resolutions passed  –  #1, #4, #7, #8, #9, #10

Constitutional Amendments passed  –  #1, #2, #3

Bylaw Amendment passed

Your board of directors have begun to initiate action on all resolutions and amendments that were passed at the annual general meeting.  Updates will be posted when available


   By all accounts, this convention was the highest attended since beginning 48 years ago.  The Saskatchewan Trappers Association would like to thank everyone who attended, volunteered, donated, and supported this convention.  This is all made possible by you, the trapper!

The Board of Directors is strong, unified and have a very aggressive goal of making the STA, convention, education program and rendezvous better than ever.  Trappers have a newfound energy and optimism in Saskatchewan and that was seen and noticed by all who attended.

Skinning and trapping demonstrations are part of every Convention, and this year the STA stepped up by offering non stop demonstrations all day.  Everything from fisher to coyote, beaver to raccoon, weasels to squirrel were all covered.  There was very educational seminars on coyote snaring, wild boars, wolves, and even sewing those unfortunate holes in pelts.  The stage was never empty and everyone always had something to watch.  We even had juniors helping out with the skinning this year because they wanted to help and learn.  That is such a refreshing thing to see!

Any time a bunch of trappers get together, you can be sure some form of competition is present.  This convention hosted the 1st ever coyote speed skinning contest in Saskatchewan.  Five brave souls went head to head and in the end a new record was set.  No other coyote skinning competition on this planet has ever recorded a faster time than the amazing 2 minutes 6 seconds set on Saturday!  We have proven that Saskatchewan trappers are the best.

Other competitions that took place was the always pleasing fur competition where our members bring in their best furs for grading by the most critical eye.  Again there were many excellent examples of the best fur handling in the country.  The wolf competition, initiated by past president Don Gordon showcased just what it takes to show the true beauty of a wolf.  The next crop of trappers also showed their skills at fur handling bringing in a combination of three hides.  An amazing award of trapping supplies that were the envy of the crowd was presented by past president Jim Luthi to the winner of the junior competition.  The biggest beaver tail again impressed even the most hardened trapper with an absolute whopper taking home the title.  Saskatchewan is known worldover for its stunning beauty and wildlife and this years winners of the photo contest captured that in spades.  After viewing the pictures, one often has to stop and realize just how amazing our peaceful part of the world is.

One of the most commonly repeated points at convention was that nobody could believe how many children and families attended.  Everywhere you looked there were kids running around, partaking in activities, skinning, asking questions, playing and just being great kids in general.  There was no time or need for TV or electronic devices as the kids were always doing something.  This year they had more activities than ever to partake in.  They built birdhouses, fished for prizes, and had a BB gun shoot where one lucky girl won the BB gun.

As trappers all know, fur is beautiful, natural and warm.  This year we were treated to a fashion show during the banquet.  Dozens of pieces provided by North American Fur Auctions and local designers were modelled by everyone from toddlers to great grandmothers.  A great meal, great company and a great fashion show.

If you were in attendance I’m sure you had a smile while reading this and remembering the events.  This was an amazing event put on by volunteers who just like you, are trappers and love trapping.  Please attend your regional meetings and take an active role in your association.  Remember that your elected representatives of this association are here on your behalf and welcome your feedback and ideas.  All our contact information is right here on this website on the front page.  Please visit the Saskatchewan Trappers Association Facebook page to see and share your pictures and videos from convention.  The link is right on the front page of this website.

See everyone at Rendezvous July 28 and 29 in Lady Lake.