Hello all, hope the season and spring beaver trapping went well, and was fun filled. My apologies as this report is well overdue but here it is .

The new year started with me becoming certified as an instructor which was followed by my teaching 3 courses and I am proud to say that there are now 46 new certified Trappers in the province. There where various meetings to attend representing the STA as well as the sports and leisure show. A couple of the meetings that where interesting was the one in Porcupine Plain which was to discuss the major beaver problem they are having and some possible solutions.

There where two meetings and now the STA is represented on a steering committee that is going to be in consolation with the minister to come up with some solutions. The other meeting was a block meeting that I brought forth the new governance proposal for the NFCA, the discussion was lively and informative on both sides, and came out with new prospective.

We the spent a lot of time planning for our Annual Convention which was held March 17&18th in Humboldt. This convention I feel was the biggest to date, we had to add more tables for dinner and had a full  room for our banquet. A huge thanks to all that attended also to the directors and their families who helped. This year we had a coyote skinning competition and lots of other demonstrators that contributed to its success.

Immediately following our convention Bill Zak and myself went to Saskatoon to represent the STA on the WAC committee at this meeting I did a presentation on the coyote and putting it back on the fur bearers list . This was very well received and received lots of support. Bill did a presentation on beaver and inactive lines which was also well received.

Since convention the resolutions that where passed have been sent off to the proper organizations and levels of the ministry. The constitutional and bylaw changes are being worked on so the changes can be seen on the website. So a big thanks to all who makes this organization great and continue to support this awesome organization and help us support you to the best of our ability

Mike Keen