President’s Report

To everyone who took the time, packed up the family, spent your hard earned money to support the event –Thank You.  It’s great to see new and old faces, hear old tales and receive some new ideas.  To the list of volunteers who showed up and put hours in helping at the tables and displays – I can’t thank you enough.  And to our board of directors and all the presenters who put in the late nights to prepare and deliver at the convention – the event wouldn’t have been as great without your help.  Thank you so very much. 
The planning will begin once again for next year and we will have the date posted on the website for 2020 Convention.  I’m always looking for input, reviews, and ideas for following years.

What a fantastic display of dialogue!  The discussions were thorough and involvement from almost everyone in the meeting.  I don’t think I’ve ever sat in on a 5 hour AGM!   What was your take on it?  Should we continue on with Sunday mornings?  I would like your feedback and recommendations on when/how we should deliver AGM.

Fur Institute of Canada – Media Relations Session
We were offered the opportunity to have the FIC come and present a media relations session.  This project has been delivered to the Ontario Fur Managers Federation in the past and was a great success.  Mr. James Baker, Executive Director, and Derek Martel, Communications Director, were in attendance.  They spent the afternoon doing mock interviews and allowing the opportunity to review and discuss each scenario.  It was well received and welcome them back to Saskatchewan at any time.

The date is set! Watch for more details on our Facebook page and the website.  Again, if you have any ideas – contact Lyle Munro or Jim Cragg.

Ministry of Environment – Closure of Front-Counter Services
If you’re a part of our Facebook page, you will have come across a post in March about the closure of 19 front-counter services in Saskatchewan Environment Field Offices.  This is a substantial loss to all individuals who are a part of the outdoors.  I have started discussions with the Ministry of Environment and have communicated with stakeholders across the province.  I do hope we can find a way to reinstate these positions, but I do need your help.  One voice, regardless if it represents a group, is not enough.   If you do not have access to Facebook, please contact me and I will provide you with details of individuals I would recommend to contact and who to make some calls to.
I will continue pursuing this and keep you informed of the progress.

Department of Highways – Beaver Control
Following convention, Bill Zak, Lyle Munro, myself, and Mike Gollop (representing the Ministry of Environment) attended a meeting hosted by the Department of Highways with respect to beaver control along highways in/out of northern lines.  There appears to be many different strategies throughout the province and each respective region feels their methods that they use currently “work for them”.
We delivered key messages to everyone involved, ensuring that direct communication with individuals along northern blocks are being contacted, best managed practices, and humane standards to removal during the winter months.  I am thankful for the opportunity to meet with the Department and look forward to working with them in future months.  Although I am uncertain if there will be a “provincial standard of practice”, I believe there is opportunity to work together and focus on preventative strategies rather than immediate, recovery type of practice.

Closing Thoughts
Once again, I can’t thank everyone for the support and contacts I’ve made over the last few months.  Your willingness to discuss and be involved is truly what every organization requires.  It takes dedication from many – whom all are passionate in what they do – to continue to build this organization.  We’re all in it for the same reasons, and our voice is heard when we are all speaking together as one.   See you in Nipawin.
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