Saskatchewan Trappers Association Mileage Rates
April – September 2019

  1. If teaching a course or delivering a education program involving the fur kit, use “EDUCATION RATES” on right side
  2. If the class is after September 30th, 2019 – Contact the administrator for updated rate (Education rate changes in April and in October)
  3. If unsure of which rate to use, contact the administrator for clarification


Car Rate $0.48/km
– meetings with agencies, events, board meetings, etc.

Truck Rate $0.52/km

– events where equipment is required to be hauled (convention, group events, etc)

Camper/Trailer Rate $0.58/km
– CAMPERS – where towing a camper results in a less cost to the association than staying in hotel/motels
– TRAILERS – where the requested individual requires to transport goods larger than standard pickup truck capacity



Car Rate $0.4514/km
– Events/schools/park presentations
– Trapper Education classes (if assisting another instructor or if equipment is already in place)
– Delivering fur kits

Truck Rate $0.4794/km
– Trapper Education Classes (if required to bring equipment for fur demonstrations)