2019 Presenter
AJ Callbeck

We are thrilled to have Mr. AJ Callbeck travel from Alberta to share his expertise on large volume muskrat trapping and lynx sets.  His passion and innovative ideas are sure to keep you entertained all weekend.

Catch him during the convention and make sure to introduce yourself!

AJ Callbeck started his trapping career around Stony Plain Alberta tagging along with his grandpa trapping beaver around the family farm. AJ got his own trapping licence when he was 14 and trapped throughout high school. After graduating he got a job working for Animal Damage Control (ADC).

During his time working for ADC AJ trapped on numerous traplines throughout Alberta and began working for the Alberta Trappers Association (ATA) as a Trapper Education instructor.

AJ quit working for ADC to begin working full time for the ATA in their fur depot/trap supply store and eventually took over from Jim Mitchell as Lead Instructor after Jim retired.

AJ stepped down from his position as Lead Instructor in 2016 to pursue a career with the Edmonton Police Service but has continued to trap both on private land and on two traplines (north of Westlock and north of Ft. Assiniboine).