Fur Sewing Workshop – Beaver Toque
by Sheila Schmutz
2020 Convention
Saturday, March 14th – 09:00am

This workshop will last approximately 1 hour. The preliminary instruction to cut out the two  pieces needed for this hat from a tanned pelt and hand-stitch the pieces together will be given.
Adding lining will be demonstrated, but most people will not reach that step in the hour class  time. Sheila will be around all day to assist anyone with questions as they work on their hat.

CLICK HERE to see the hat and how to make it.

You will be required to have a tanned fur to make your hat.  Don’t have one?  No problem!  We will have a booth at convention selling small beaver pelts for as little as $55!

Please Pre-register by emailing Sheila Schmutz in Saskatoon at [email protected] by Wednesday, March 11 and let her know what fur you plan to use for your hat and whether you plan for medium or large size (or small, etc.) I am reluctantly on Facebook but not good at
sending or receiving messages that way yet, so email is preferred. Phone is 306-382-8964.


For a print out of information, Click this link – FurSewingWorkshopMarch2020