Saskatchewan Trappers Association
2019 Summer Rendezvous

Coyotes – the hot topic that seems to be on everyone’s mind was the main agenda at the 2019 summer rendezvous in Nipawin Saskatchewan.

July 26th and 27th brought attendees and vendors from across Saskatchewan.  Even with a stressed fur market, the atmosphere was positive and many were picking up supplies to start preparing for the upcoming season.

Friday morning gathered a crowd as Don Gordon began a presentation on trap modifications.  We all know that buying new equipment isn’t always in the budget for everyone.  With a few simple tools and a bit of time Don showed how you can upgrade old equipment and fine tune your current gear –resulting in a higher success rate and more fur in the shed at the end of the day.

Fur was prepared by Don Gordon and Lawrence Sochaski.  If anyone recalls from convention, these two gentlemen were neck and neck throughout the fur competition, both receiving numerous prizes for their workmanship.  The opportunity to spend time and not only observe, but ask questions and receive little tricks on each species will generate higher grades in the markets – resulting in better returns for each trapper.

Al Killoh brought the crowd outside on Friday and Scott Blades followed up on Saturday, both giving a hands on demonstration of effective canid foothold sets.  Many questions were asked and both stressed to keep it simple.  If every attendee spends a little time preparing and practicing before the season, they’ll be guaranteed to be successful in their harvest.

Floyd Hendrickson worked his magic on canid calling Saturday Afternoon.  This was a great opportunity to learn coyote behavior throughout the fall/winter/spring.  Far too often we start to limit our sounds and lose out on opportunities where the coyote or fox is right around the bend.   Floyd used his calls and as an example, quickly drew in a pair of crows to the exhibition grounds.

On Saturday morning Bill Zak had gathered quite the crowd with his powerpoint presentation on Wolf trapping.  Years of experience brought some of the best and most practical steps to successfully increase your catch rates.  Bill’s simple steps and little tricks of the trade are not only easy to remember, but easy to do.  Practice makes perfect and learning from your experiences on the line will make you a better trapper each and every year.

Don brought his bag of tricks again and focused on dog proof raccoon traps.  Raccoon is a market that is slowly receiving a bit of attention, lucky for Saskatchewan it is no doubt that many trappers have the ability to catch and put up a good number throughout the season.   Utilizing traps that are safe for fellow pets will allow further access in areas that many land owners would be concerned about otherwise.

Kids were keeping busy throughout the weekend with multiple BB gun shoot competitions, animal plaster molds, stickers, games, and toys, plus a raffle section of prizes just for them!

In recap, Nipawin has always provided a fantastic location for a family fun.  Regions 7 and 10 have put together an unforgettable event with great food, amazing demonstrations, and superb hospitality throughout the town of Nipawin.  Thank you to not only the volunteers who made this happen, but also to the vendors who spent the weekend with us, our Field Officers with their Sasktip trailer, and each and every one of you who attended and spent some of your hard earned money at the event or brought some donations on behalf of yourself of local businesses.  I can’t thank you enough.