2019 Presenter
Sheila Schmutz

Saturday – 09:00am – Needle Felting

Sheila has been involved with the Saskatchewan Trappers Association for a number of years.  We are excited to have her offer an opportunity for a hands on session!

First 12 registered at the door, observers welcome.

For many years, Sheila has fashioned clothing and accessories from fabric as her favorite pastime, taught as a child by her mother. Professionally she has studied the genetics of coat and fur color and gradually became interested in incorporating fur into her sewing. In October 2017, she attended a week long course on advanced fur techniques in Finland.  Sheila is committed to using Canadian wild fur, garment tanned in Canada.  She is interested in promoting the use and wearing of fur in honour of our Canadian fur trapping heritage and in respect for the many northern peoples who still depend on fur as part of their livelihood. Thus “Wear Our Heritage” has become her logo.  She works from her home west of Saskatoon.  She sells at a few fall craft shows in Saskatchewan since 2015.

Although she does not trap herself, she took the Trapper’s course to be able to explain more about how the fur she uses is harvested.  She maintains her trapper’s license and membership in the Saskatchewan Trapper’s Association.