Wolf Competition Details
Big prizes up for grabs!  

1st Place $300 and a Bridger #5 Special
The trap being supplied is no ordinary trap.  This is a one of a kind, provided to the STA as recognition to our contribution for wolf trap testing.  This Bridger #5 was one of the traps used in the certification testing. This is a rare collection piece that we should all be proud of.

2nd Place $200
3rd Place $100

1. In order to qualify for entry you must be a paid-up member to the Saskatchewan Trappers Association prior to January 31, 2019.  To purchase or renew your membership, click here.

2. All pelts must be brought in person by the person entering. Deadline is noon, Saturday March 14th

3. Pelts must be completed and prepared a certain way.   Scoring will be based on these factors. 

  • Ears complete and turned (cartilage must stay in)

  • Lips complete and split

  • Eyes complete and uncut

  • Tail split straight and clean

  • Feet complete, pads left on, claws left on

  • Leather clean, no oil or grease

  • Fur clean of grease, blood and dirt

  • Nose skinned out

  • General appearance & shape considered

You fur will be returned at the end of convention.   Good luck!