2019 Presenter
Jim Luthi

This gentleman is no stranger to the trapping industry!

We welcome Jim to the stage to present some (and I mean just a few) of his amazing trap collection.  

Make sure to stop by his table and say “Hi” during convention.  You’ll be glad you did!

Jim Luthi has been a trapper and wildlife enthusiast his entire life. You will find him wherever a trapping event is happening showing his skills as a trapper and fur handler. He lives on a farm with Julia, his wife, in the Punnichy area. 

One of his passions has been trap collecting.  His trap collection and knowledge of antique traps and their history is extensive.  You will often find him at auction sales, swap meets, trapper conventions and rendezvouses.  How this man knows that there will be traps to add to his collection, is amazing!

Jim’s other passion has been the Sask. Trappers Association.  He was the president of this organization for at least 5 years, and a director until 2016. He has been a renown advocate representing trappers of this province and has travelled across Canada attending meetings at a national level with the Fur Institute of Canada. He was a well-deserved individual who received his lifetime membership to the Sask. Trappers Assoc. in 2018.

Jim other hobbies include taxidermy, tanning, skull cleaning, hunting as well as numerous other nature related activities.