The Saskatchewan Trappers Association (STA) is the recognized voice for trappers in Saskatchewan. The STA meets throughout the year with government officials, other trapping associations and affiliates, outdoor groups, wildlife agencies and many other provincial associations. We represent your views and interests and work tirelessly on your behalf to ensure your voice is heard. Our activities and lifestyle is under constant pressure and ridicule by many groups of antis and animal protection activists. The Saskatchewan Trappers Association is dedicated to engage and educate trappers and to promote, preserve, and enhance trapping in Saskatchewan.

Trappers must unite and become a stronger and a more invincible force. This is why we ask for your support through your STA membership. Besides showing support for conservation and sustainable harvesting of Saskatchewan’s natural resource, there are many other benefits to being a member of the Saskatchewan Trappers Association. Your membership guarantees a voice in the future of the STA. It also gives you the right to vote at annual general meetings of the association as well as an annual subscription to The Canadian Trapper magazine. Through the magazine, our web-site and our Facebook page, you will be kept informed on what is occurring in the trapping world and fur industry.

Please click on the attached membership pdf to download a printable copy of the membership form.

The Saskatchewan Trappers Association now accepts e-transfers for membership payments

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